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Gaál Mansion, Dalnic

In one of Transylvania’s most beautiful village, the picturesque Dálnok, the Gaál Mansion awaits it’s visitors with a history that goes back more than 150 years. The historycal relique has been renovated in 2014 and every bit of it’s structure bears the motives of the prior epoch with a mesmerizing, welcoming environment. The comfort is provided by the elegance of the XIX. Century blended with an utmost modernity!


The Gaál Mansion provides room for 26 people in 3 buildings with 12 rooms in total. Families, employee companionships are welcome not only for recreation, but entertainment and team buildings as well. Choose your room!

Rooms of the Gaál Mansion

Built in 1844, later renovated in 2014 the Gaál Mansion offers 2 large rooms and 2 spacious apartments.

Rooms of the redeveloped barn

A housing built in the place of the old barn is ideal to accommodate larger groups on a more favourable price. Precisely, the house provides 7 rooms along with a spacious dining-room and an outdoor terrace with a great view on the park. This building includes the sauna as well.

Accommodation in the ice pit

The late ice pit has become a comfortable accommodation with 1 spacious room and an own bathroom, awaiting its new guests.


Leisure activites

Besides the picturesque view of the 30 hectare well-kept property, and admiring the picturesque environment, our guests are invited for further programs of entertainment and relaxation. Finnish sauna, heatable tub, football pitch, playground, darts, billiard, and barbeque place are at service!


In the mansion of Dálnok local, szeklerland ladies prepare and serve up traditional meals, delicious bits and transylvanian culinary specialities. The backyard of the mansion is perfect for intimate, romantic, late-night and outside dinners as well. We provide 2 or 3-course cooked meals, lunch or dinner for the price of RON 80/person


The parking is free on the territory of the house, we provide closed and secured parking places for our visitors.


Barabás Jánosné Gaál Terézia leaves her husband and wanders from his house of Márkosfalva all along to Dálnok, to her family home, with her 6 months old child, Barabás Miklós in her arms. This exact house exists no more, instead on it’s place lies a newer (“no less than” 170 years old) hall, which was built by this legendary rebellious woman’s great-uncle, after three and a half decades from the memorable breaking of the bread. The Gaál Mansion, set up in 1844 reflects prosperity, comfort but also secler temperance: instead of ostentative luxury, they created a place ideal for a family and their assistants. With a built in open-fireplace, Gaál Miklós set up a family home suitable for a comforatble living.


The mansion built in 1844, later renovated in 2014 is located merely 40 km far away from Brasov. Dálnok is not by surprise one of the most splendid villages of Transylvania: it lies in a picturesque environment right at the feet of Bodok Mountain’s eastern crest. Most of the tourists choose to visit the memorial place of Dózsa György, and the reformed monumental church. In this particular building we can find the newest rune-script discovery that became a monument symbol for Seclerland ultimately. In Dálnok we can also visit the Lázár-Béczásy mansion-house that was built in 1753, the Gál-Borbáth house-mansion and the Bartha-house.

In the forests of Dálnok there is an untouched medicinal source rich in sulfur, which has been used as a miraculous cure for reumatic people.

Tusnádfürdő lies 27 km away, while the Szent Anna Lake is 35 km far from the village, Sugásfürdő stands 35 km away from Dálnok in.

  • "It became a commodious, freshly renovated, new yet authentically furnished accommodation through the last year: ideal for recreation, withdrawal and creative work that demands tranquility. Moreover, it is a wise choice for great conversation – interestingly, the cozy armchairs, the crackling open fireplace in the inside and the home-cooked meals altogether create a miracle, even if we consider getting a team together from people who did not know each other at the beginning of their stay. My windows are open towards a street filled with reddish rooftops, with hills behind and a forest freshly starting to wear the beautiful colors of autumn. Picturesque landscape, literally."

  • "Such kind and mindful service, the accommodation is alluring (the mansion and the barn as well), considering the furniture, the court and the surroundings as well."

    Attila, Hungary