About us

In one of Transylvania’s most beautiful village, the picturesque Dálnok, the Gaál Mansion awaits it’s visitors with a history that goes back more than 150 years. The historycal relique has been renovated in 2014 and every bit of it’s structure bears the motives of the prior epoch with a mesmerizing, welcoming environment.
The comfort is provided by the elegance of the XIX. Century blended with an utmost modernity!

Our story

Barabás Jánosné Gaál Terézia leaves her husband and wanders from his house of Márkosfalva all along to Dálnok, to her family home, with her 6 months old child, Barabás Miklós in her arms. This exact house exists no more, instead on it’s place lies a newer (“no less than” 170 years old) hall, which was built by this legendary rebellious woman’s great-uncle, after three and a half decades from the memorable breaking of the bread. The Gaál Mansion, set up in 1844 reflects prosperity, comfort but also secler temperance: instead of ostentative luxury, they created a place ideal for a family and their assistants. With a built in open-fireplace, Gaál Miklós set up a family home suitable for a comforatble living.

The Gaál estate in Dálnok from above.