Excursion with a guide

Let's visit the most remarkable historical and natural heritage sites of Székely Land together. Join us and we'll take you to the mansions and castles of Transylvania. You can choose from 3 package offers, available for a minimum of two persons. Once you have decided which sites you would like to visit within the chosen package, we will take you there by individual arrangement:

1. Visit to mansions in Szeklerland: Upper Háromszék (Orbaiszék)

o Haszmann Paul Museum - Chernaton
o Icava - Csernáton
o Bányay Mansion - Tamásfalva o Chikva Pálava - Tama
o Mikes/Szenkereszthy Castle - Zagon
o Downtown Târgu Mures - lunch
o Mikes Castle - Zabola

2. Visit to the mansions of Szeklerland: Lower Háromszék (Sepsisék)

o Bikkfalva - mansions
o Szekler National Museum
o Sfântu Gheorghe Castle Church
o Sfântu Gheorghe City Centre - lunch

3. Tours in Szeklerland (natural attractions of the Transylvanian region)

o Saint Anna Lake
o Rétyi birch
o Pokolsár - Covasna
o Covasna downtown / Tusnad Baths - meal

Guides accompany the hikers, visits to mansions and castles may vary depending on local conditions. Participants will use their own cars to get to the different sites (if this is not possible, the guesthouse will provide a lift).

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